My Skincare Favourites

Skincare is always something I’ve focused a lot on. Not only is it obviously very important to ensure you get the possible skin but as we age we’re going to look a whole lot better when we’re older 😉 plus when you have good skin then your make up will look a lot better. Skincare is an investment that will reap benefits in the future so I don’t mind spending that little bit extra in products.

I have a lot of skincare products but here’s a few of my favourites…


I love this cleansing balm from Sanctuary Spa. I normally use this or another cleanser to remove my make up. I put it all over my face and then using a hot face cloth or cotton wool pad I swipe it across my face. It smells amazing too! I’ve heard the cleansing balm from Clinque so I think I will give that a try in 2017.


This Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is super popular and I’m not surprised because it’s a great product. This has been a regular fixture in my bathroom for a number of years now. Just smoothe it over your face after make up removal for a deeper cleanse, removing with your hot cloth that comes when you purchase this. Leaves you with a lovely smooth skin and considering how long this bottle has lasted me I think it’s worth every penny!


Following on from the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is the skin tonic. This toner really gives you an extra boost of moisture, which is great for me as I have dry skin particularly during the winter season so leaves me with a soft, bright face after use.


This is without a doubt my favourite face washes. When I first starting using this found that it did seem to really shrink the appearance of those annoying blackheads. It leaves my face really clean and smells lovely!When I’ve worn a lot of make up I tend to use the balm to remove make up and then this to remove every scrap of make up.


I’d heard a lot about this facial spray so when I was in Melbourne and came across this, seeing the 10 dollar price tag I knew I had to give it a try! I like to use this to re-fresh my face as a setting spray when I’ve finished my make up, after finishing my skincare routine. I also like to spritz this on a make up brush to apply highlighter, it really makes your highlight pop even more.


I haven’t had this product for too long but I do quite like this. As I said previously I have dry skin so this helps add some moisture when it’s particularly dry. It’s nice and light if you don’t fancy something too heavy and it was only a couple of pounds.


Facial oils are super hydrating so I use this a lot and have been recently using more oils than creams. You only need a few drops leaving you with a smooth face and healthy glow, smells incredible!

With all the brilliant skincare products available at an affordable price I am always looking to try new things so if you’ve tried anything that you love recently then please share.

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