Welcome back

So here I am back in New Zealand, working with a family (ahem! about that..ha!) I went wondering where I’m currently living in the Gardens, Auckland today, before the rain started up again. I mean I’m from the UK but all day yesterday and all night it really did hammer it down, even I haven’t seen rain like that in a long time.

There’s a lot I love about New Zealand, namely the local trails. You can literally find a cool trail just about anywhere and my area is no different. I do plan on exploring my surroundings a lot more but I’ve been here less than a week so still trying to break myself into everything, and trust me, it’s a lot to break into.

Admittedly the last few days have been a real struggle, with a lot of different things, like a lot but today I would say I got back that familiar feeling inside to explore and had me thinking where I wanted to go whilst I’m here in New Zealand. Taranaki, Waiheke Island, Bay of Islands, back to Kaikoura to actually see some whales this time, as last time we didn’t get to as the boat trip was cancelled due to bad weather. Definitely Queenstown, well because it’s Queenstown, Coromandel, which I will hopefully visit with some friends I made online..ha! Watch this space…



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