Auckland Botanical Gardens

I’m not too far away but yesterday I went on a long walk and stumbled upon a sign that said 10 minutes from Auckland Botanical Gardens so thought hey why not for some peace and quiet.

As far as botanical gardens go it’s pretty similar to others I’ve seen. The garden is absolutely huge with a variety of different plants, Rose garden, Potter Children’s garden, African plants,Native Forest, among many different things. To help you cool off and grab a bite to eat they also have a cute little cafe where you can sit outside and over look the gardens. There’s also the visitor centre which offers you further information and guidance of the gardens, transport and free walks with a knowledgeable tour guide. When I was walking back I thought I would go back the way I came but actually couldn’t figure out how to get to the area, luckily I remembered the way via the main road.

For me I was thankful for what it offered me, calm and peace. Soon things will go back to normal.

FullSizeRender (1)

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