Hot Yoga

I’ve been to a hot yoga class before but today was Hot Yoga 90 which is basically where the temperature of the room is raised up to 38-40 degrees with up to 40% humidity and also lasts longer than the typical 60 minutes.

I’ve been wanting to go back to hot yoga since I had my first class last year so it was great to get back into it. I really enjoy yoga classes anyway. Last year I found a great yoga class that I went to every Thursday, it was super relaxing and the German instructor was also a lovely girl but unfortunately she left Auckland and now I’m looking to make it part of my weekly routine again.

When I walked into the room today I knew it would be slightly different to the one other hot yoga class I’ve done before but I must say I was a little taken back by how freaking  hot the room was when I strolled in. Everyone stared at me as I walked in last and most looked like complete naturals. During the first 10 minutes or so I found the heat very over whelming and thought to myself, I can’t do this, but I preserved and was glad that I survived my first class. I just made sure to go at my own pace, wipe the sweat off as I went and took sips of water when I needed to.

I think when you try something new and your finding it hard it’s always encouraging to think of the health benefits. Throughout I was thinking of my flexibility, metabolism and strength increase and it’s also really good for getting rid of toxins. Not only all of that but it’s also good for mental clarity and agility.

I felt really good when I walked out back to the house (and relieved to be in the fresh air) and really didn’t know I could sweat as much as I did (lovely I know!) knowing the health benefits and actually enjoying the class I can’t wait to get back and try another 90 minute class or any of the other varieties they have on.


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