Benefit’s Bad Gal BANG! volumizing mascara review

Benefit released their brand new ‘Bad Gal Bang!’ volumizing mascara a few months ago here in New Zealand. Being a huge fan of the roller lash curling one I thought I would give this a try.

Here in New Zealand unfortunately make up isn’t affordable, especially high ends brands, so I was quite taken aback that I paid like $40 for this product.

First of all the packaging is kinda cool, the top is spiky and has a very pointy top which I guess could be handy for a few things, like getting packaging off other make up products?!

In all honesty when I use new mascaras I prefer them after a few weeks as they all feel quite wet to me and I did find this more than the Roller Lash.

The brush is similar to the roller lash, its plastic and quite spiky. It does give you lots of volume and I like how black my lashes look. I’m lucky to have quite long lashes anyway but it does lengthen. I do really like this product however I do notice at work after a few hours of wear it does sometimes transfer to the top of my eyelids, however this could be more to do with the fact that I have oily lids sometimes! I tried something different in my make up routine yesterday and it didn’t really transfer.

Another thing I noticed is removing it is a bit tricky. I’ve been wearing mascara for years but sometimes I think I’ve removed it all then I’ll come out the shower with panda eyes, I normally have to go over my eyes a few times to ensure it’s completely removed.

Would I buy this again? Yes but I wouldn’t really rush to, there’s sooo many options for mascaras and so many of the drug store ones are super affordable and amazing! I absolutely love Benefit products but for me personally I’ll probably try more brands like L’Oreal and go back to Roller Lash.


4464289488_IMG_0496.jpgBenefit bad gal mascara.jpg

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