My mum always told me that when you’ve met “The One” you just know. Growing up I never understood this. I always questioned, what do you mean you just know? But how?

As I’ve got older and developed spiritually and become more self aware I understand now.

You know that feeling when something just feels a bit “off” with a loved one? Or you just have a feeling about a particular job offer? That is your subconscious mind talking to your conscious mind.

Intuition is something that is deep rooted into all of us but some choose not to listen. Looking back trusting that “gut feeling” that I had has really saved me through some trying periods of my life.

I find when I’m not taking time for myself to rest and reflect on what’s going on with me, I’m unable to tap into my intuition as effectively, making poorer decisions.

Here’s my others for ways to tap into your intuition:

Mediation. Taking quiet moments to yourself will give you a clear head and clarity if there’s an important life decision to be made. When your in a negative mood research has shown this hinders your ability to make better life decisions.

Just knowing when a feeling is right. You will feel clear and calm and just have a ‘knowing’ feeling. When your rational mind is combined with your intuitive thoughts then you

We all know by now that sticking with negative people will drain you, de-motivate you and add to the noise in your head. You want to feel light, confident with a clear mind to hear what your intuition is trying to tell you so bring light and positive in and distant yourself from the negative.

Get social. Spending time with different types of people improves our empathetic accuracy which is the ability to pick up on people’s thoughts and feelings which adds to your intuition.

By combining your rational mind and common sense, along intuition it can lead you to where your meant to be with your life. Sometimes just ‘having a feeling’ about a person or situation can’t be enough so always try and consider your rational mind.

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