We shouldn’t be limited by our age

When I was younger I would understand when said ‘ah I can’t do that now, I’m 60 years old’, or ‘I can’t wear that at my age, I’m too old’.

As I get older though it’s not a mindset I understand. A lot of seem to have certain age tags on everything. To put an age limit on something is pretty ridiculous when you think about it. You are still breathing so why are you putting a limit on something you want to do? To me it just doesn’t make sense.

It’s nice to know that others think the same way. When I was travelling I met 50-60 year old’s backpacking, staying in hostels, doing pretty much the same things as the ‘typical’ backpacker was doing. Ah, the ‘typical’ backpacker, what does that even mean nowadays?!

These older people travelling wanted to travel, they could and so they did. Also, we evolve and grow throughout our lives. I met also older people that decided they wanted to go back to school and study. Again, we often live a world that confines people to their age. If you can do something then why not? You certainly can’t do it when your dead so screw what society thinks and just do it.

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