Spiritual Manifestation

Long before I even knew I was manifesting things in my life. I started journalling what I wanted and also detailing daily events. I was very young at the time and not conscious of its power.

During the time I was studying for my degree, I learnt details of the concept of karma, mindfulness and the law of attraction. Through books and the Internet I realised from a young age that I was sending messages out to the Universe.

Spiritual manifestation is built on the idea that if you really want something and believe it, then it can be yours.

First the key is to determine what you really want, and get specific as you possibly can. If it’s unclear the Universe throw the next best thing your way.

Write it down. Imagine you have whatever it is that you want, visualize yourself living in that moment. You should start to feel emotions of happiness, positivity and excitement. I mean, if your not then what are you visualising this for?

Visualisation is so powerful. I was clear of what grade I wanted for my degree. Not only did I put the work in but I visualised myself in the gown and hat, graduated, smiling, happy, shaking hands with whoever was handing over the degrees. To have made that visualisation a reality was an incredible feeling and proved to me that our minds are so powerful.

Keep your vibration high. What I mean by this is focus on what you want. If you focus on negative then your vibrating low frequency. Like attracts like so you will attract more of what you don’t want. For example, saying ‘I never have any money’ thinking that and saying it loud to others, the Universe will hear that and keep providing you exactly that.

Additionally by meditating frequently this will help clear any negative dialogue you have which in turn doesn’t help you manifest. It also help you to become more conscious of your thoughts and what can be kept and what can be let go of.

Be open to receiving and know you deserve what your manifesting. Be patient and trust that the Universe has got you and will provide this to you at the time your meant to.

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