Shifting your mindset

We all want to be more healthy, wealthy and generally bring things into our life that make us happy right? I mean, of course you do!

Following on from my previous post of manifestation, you need to work on altering any potential negative thoughts to positive. What you will be thinking will most likely in turn come out in your speech and released to others, also in turn, spreading negative energy.

For example, say you want to attract more financial abundance into your life. Quite often you will hear others around you say ‘ah I’m always poor’ or ‘I never have any money’ etc, etc.

Well the Universe will only hear that and give you more of what you don’t want and ultimately you won’t be attracting the abundance you want in your life. The Universe is always listens and will say okay I’ll give you some more of that. This can be applied to whatever it is your trying to attract into your life.

Through regular meditation you will become a quiet observer of your thoughts and it’s a lot easier to recognize whether a thought can be shifted to a more upbeat and positive one.

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