Hello 2020

Don’t we always arrive at a new year with resolutions to manifest our goals? Promising ourselves ‘this will be my year’.

2020 feels different. Perhaps it’s because it’s a new decade. Perhaps for me it’s because everything I wanted to implement into my life had arrived during the months in 2019. I didn’t wait until the New Year. I started in that very moment. You can change your life in any given moment.

Circulating recently are re-cycled articles, ‘how to kick start 2020’ or ‘2020 resolutions for success’ in which they just edit a couple of words and it’s good to go. Statistically, people that set New Years resolutions will not follow through. We could have all the best intentions in the world but our brains are not hard wired to drastically cut smoking for example, once the clock strikes midnight.

At the beginning of a New Year it can be a good time to re-evaluate, notice what changes need to be made but to really make changes in your life you have to really want to. So, do you want to quit smoking or are you doing it because it’s the noble thing to do? Let’s face it, if we really want something we don’t need the chime of a clock to make a change.

Over the last few years I have meditated on and off. Through my time in magical Bali, I attended a yoga and meditation retreat in Lovinia and meditation came gracefully back into my life like it hadn’t left. Not only did I fall back in love and have a deeper appreciation but I took it as a sign for it to permanently be in my life. Meditation has been a daily habit since then.

Don’t wait for the turn of another year. Or Monday. Or the weekend. If you feel called to make a change in your life or something, someone is no longer supporting your growth, spirit, soul, let it go.

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