There comes a time in life where you get tired of saying goodbye. You get a new job, make memories and build connections. You see them every day and it becomes part of your new routine. You know that down the line you will have to part ways. Your paths may cross again but then… Read More Goodbye’s


My mum always told me that when you’ve met “The One” you just know. Growing up I never understood this. I always questioned, what do you mean you just know? But how? As I’ve got older and developed spiritually and become more self aware I understand now. You know that feeling when something just feels… Read More Intuition

Hi hi hello

Oh 2019, you have not been so kind to me so far…it all started out so positive. I had a great Christmas in Tasmania with my friend, I’d never been before so it was all new, albeit a bit strange, not being with my family, in England, doing all our Christmas traditions. It just didn’t… Read More Hi hi hello